You know that version of ourselves, a.k.a. Ego,

that we personally deny the existence of,

BUT love to recognise in everyone else?

Unless we acknowledge, learn from, and consciously nurture a healthy relationship with Ego, our "un-evictable cohabitee", we will remain in the cheap seats of a self-directed shit-show called: "Poor you, life sucks, but you're not to blame!"

I wanna recognise my ego ‚Üí

You're in the right place if...

You read books, used positive affirmations, listened to advice, followed the fail-safe strategies, but nothing has helped you improve your self-worthiness or lessen your self-doubt. Something is seriously wrong with you - you fail a lot more than you actually succeed.

You get emotional and feel guilty with every random there-must-be-more-to-life thought. Yes, you're grateful, but unfulfilled. You're damn good at keeping up the life-is-so-bloody-awesome facade, but also fed up with playing pretend with all the superficial bullshit that surrounds you.

Your lack of control over people and external factors leaves you feeling stuck and doomed to watch the world around you go to shit! You would be so much better off if you could control outcomes and change people. The control freak in you is suffering terribly.

You don't have the physical body nor the intimate relationship you wish for, and get quite depressed and rather jealous whenever you see happy, good-looking couples with kids. You are ashamed of sexual intimacy and have a love-to-hate relationship with your mirror image.

Everyone loves what you do for them, yet they fail to see your exhaustion and neediness. Although appreciative, no one seems to care much about your personal desires. You're left feeling used and fearful of losing anyone should you stop doing what you do.


The world has gone bloody mad!

The trust we once had in the moral code and humane intentions of political leadership and the corporate puppeteers of the global economy is being shattered into a million little pieces. More often than not, our uncertain future hurls us into a state of overwhelm, desperation, and anxiety. We are left feeling frustrated, powerless, and enslaved to a life we no longer want, and with no idea of how to start thriving instead of just surviving.


Most of us embody the romantic tragedy

All the rom-com blah-blah and happy-ever-after fairytale bullshit seems to happen to everyone else, but not us. We long for sensual intimacy and deep, meaningful connections that will provide us with a safe space to be vulnerable and to feel understood. How we yearn for a sense of value and worthiness, yet no matter how hard re try, life remains unfulfilled and mediocre, and besides a ton of problems, we get served S.O.S. (same old shit) with nothing extra-ordinary nor exhilarating to brighten up our mundane existence.

There must be more to life, yet how do we go from constantly desiring to actually living that passion-filled, personal reality? How do we become the unashamedly sensual, emotionally  connected, unconditionally loved, and boldly uncompromising person we yearn to be? Good bloody questions!


Which of the six scenarios below resonate most with you?

Getting along with everyone is a priority...

And very challenging at the same time, mainly because there are annoying individuals who happen to bring out your wanna-slap-your-face-so-badly version, and leave you feeling peeved and emotionally depleted. You can't tell them to get out of your face, deliberately lose your contact info, or take a very long hike in a faraway land without wifi because they happen to be family members or other people you just cannot avoid. You remain stuck between a rock and a hard place, while juggling your happiness and theirs.

You are surrounded by so many people...  

But you feel like the loneliest person alive. Although quite likeable for most people, you feel unworthy of unconditional love and acceptance. Always the party person and great fun to be around, you're often noticed, but seldom understood. Most of your friendships are superficial and don't last too long. People often fade from your life after a certain period of time, which isn't a problem because more of the same kind come straight back in again. You seem to have "the" life, yet you feel empty and unseen, and tired of keeping up the girls-just-wanna-have-fun and this-has-gotta-be-a-good-life facade.

You have a bucket list of things you want to do...

But life's curve balls, grown-up responsibilities, and "your" people keep getting in the darn way. Your dreams, your visions, your aspirations, and your deepest desires are seldom understood, often diminished, and mostly criticised. Instead of support, you receive credible reasons validating why what you want isn't even a possibility. Sadly, you believe it all! As the years flash by, you grow tired of living the life you don't want, yet you continue to trust the opinions of others more than your very own. Your dreams remain dreams.

You're single and desperately looking...

You see people flirting, being chatted up, and experiencing close encounters of the best damn kind on a daily basis, yet you drag your lonesome body into an empty bed every "single" night. Pun intended! You have registered on all the free and payment plan dating apps, and could fill a book with your countless frogs-with-no-prince-potential blind dates. Your single-but-still-looking status is so depressing. Ok, so maybe not everyone is into happy-ever-after-with-only-you, but the brutal truth you struggle to face is that you can't even get steamy-hot-for-one-night-only, let alone let's-meet-on-repeat.

You are not very happy, but neither is anyone else around you...

Together, you eagerly feed each other's unhappiness and obvious bitterness with complaints about everything and judgement of everyone. This collective behaviour provides the valid, yet absolutely lame excuses you all need to stagnate and wallow in an inactive, mundane, and predictable life of blaming and shaming everyone else. The perpetual dissatisfaction and annoyance you experience has negatively impacted all aspects of your existence. You find comfort in the discomfort of living a mediocre, unlived life that is cheered on as the acceptable norm by your cronies in "crime" and members of the Frustration Addicts Fan Club.

You love being a mother and caring for people...

All your time and energy is dedicated to the well-being of others who need your help, and you seldom, if ever, take time out for yourself. Your appearance and physical condition blatantly reveal your lack of self-care and self-love. A borderline Helicopter Mum and potential control freak, you give your kids everything you never had and smother them in the process. Your friendships are plentiful, but superficial. Your marriage and partnership leave little to be desired with no hot-love nor wild-intimacy lost. In fact, you and your partner could easily pass as civil, friendly neighbours or BFFs living in the same household. 

What if YOU discovered the unresolved pain within you...

...that creates or surrenders to the personal reality you don't want? Imagine the sense of empowerment you would feel if you were able to find the solutions to resolving that pain within you, too? You would then become an independent, unstoppable force of positive change and finally stop waiting for someone else to come and save you. You have never needed saving, you just never learnt how to connect to your emotional body. 


Well, nothing wrong with that! The perpetual wishing, hoping, wanting, and dreaming without actionable steps serves a greater problem though. Yearning for a fulfilled, abundant lifestyle isn't equivalent to knowing how to achieve one. You try out all the proven strategies, you choose to educate yourself further, you rigidly follow all the pre-determined social codes, yet your countless efforts produce minimal results. Yeah, it totally sucks when your deepest desires never seem to materialise. 

What most people fail to acknowledge is that everything they need to live a bloody awesome life is already available within themselves. The hardest work is in the extremely challenging and deeply emotional inner work. Through the strong attachment most people have to their external world, which is evident in their judgement, blaming, and shaming of everything and everyone, they remain disconnected from their authentic self, their true nature, and their untapped potential. Emotions withhold all the information we need to move forward - we just gotta stop trying to control them, start feeling them, and quietly listen to what it is they have to say.


What if all your emotional meltdowns were also your most invaluable resources?

The most irritating 

interactions with annoying individuals are priceless lessons with true desires.

The best approach

to understanding oneself & others is to reflect on emotional responses.

Most of our suffering

reveals our emotional attachment to past, unresolved experiences.

What we constantly judge

ultimately exposes our failure to truly see ourselves and others.

The most effective way

to heal emotional trauma is through humility & mindful awareness.

Our painful memories

reveal what we yearn for, value, and have not strived to achieve.

What if there was a way for you to help yourself by tapping into your emotional self?

Embrace your Ego versions & positively shift your personal realities

→ Discover the root cause & emotional meaning behind triggered re-actions.
→ Acknowledge unfulfilled expectations. Embrace & deepen all relationships.
→ Unravel your relationship to money or materialism & their effect on your personal reality. 
 → Discover the positive lesson in everything emotionally negative and challenging.
→ Enhance your emotional and relationship skills by learning from your emotional meltdowns.
→ Unpack your emotional & social conditioning. Discern what serves you and what doesn’t.
→ Recognise how the false labels & definitions you adamantly cling to obstruct your success. 
→ Understand your emotional needs from the judgement you give & the shame you feel.

And so much more...


Designed to help you help yourself from the inside out


Become more aware of your:

  • Superficial, Re-Active Behaviours
  • Responsive Programming
  • Emotional Predictability
  • States of Victimisation¬†
  • Ego Origins


Gain a better understanding of your:

  • External Ego Connections
  • Emotional Disconnect
  • Extrinsic Conditioning
  • Diverse Ego Versions
  • Behavioural Patterns
  • Subconscious Pain


Gain a broader perspective of your:

  • Emotional Imprint & Impact
  • Lack of Creative Expression
  • Re-Active Thought Processes
  • Your Lack of Worthiness
  • Inhibited Sexuality & Sensuality
  • Mental & Physical Branding
  • Source of Powerful Shame
  • Your Lifestyle Choices


Acknowledge & accept your:

  • Dysfunctional Relationship Skills
  • Pain of Unfulfilled Expectations¬†
  • Intimate, Secretive Self
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Denial Practices
  • Lack of Forgiveness¬†


Recognise & understand your:

  • Paternal & Maternal Role Models
  • Power of Crippling Emotions
  • Inhibited Self-Expression
  • Intimate Programming
  • Emotional Inheritance
  • External False Values


Become aware of your:

  • Source of Emotional Eating Habits
  • Employee & Business Mindset
  • Purposeful & Meaningful Life
  • Basic & Unfulfilled Needs
  • Relationship with Money
  • Naked Image Reflection
  • Physical Well-Being

UnMask Your Ego Versions

Complete Digitisation + 24/7 Access - Work on your own


UnMask Your Ego Versions

Get through (not over or around) day-to-day conflicts and emotional meltdowns, and make sense of EVERYTHING that is happening to you and through you.


On a professional platform with 24/7 access. Upon purchase, you will receive 4 lessons from Module I. After 30 days, you will receive the complete course. 


All ¬†lessons are in video format with a total of 11¬Ĺ hrs video footage. Besides the videos, you also¬†have 28 extra, downloadable scripts and audios.¬†


A total of 109 questions in 15 downloadable questionnaires are designed to inspire self-reflection and enable a deeply personal connection to yourself.


Hot Mess to Invincible: 10 steps to nurture a healthy relationship with your "un-evictable", life-long companion a.k.a. EGO.

Brand It!: 5 steps to define your ego versions and personality traits.

Relational Reflections: 13 steps to recognise your dysfunctional relationship skills and emotional skills that were unknowingly inherited from your family.

Purposeful Intent: 4 steps to discover more purpose and meaning in current realities.

Rewrite the Script: Relationship Playbook with 3 steps to re-design and re-create the fulfilling relationship you deserve.

Financial Revelations: 10 steps to reveal your deficiency mindset and expose your intimate relationship to money.

Emotional Sustenance: 13 steps to determine your mental, physical, and emotional nourishment, and unravel the origin, pattern, and pain behind your emotional eating.


If you are dissatisfied, a refund within a 30-day period is guaranteed. Send proof of work to: [email protected]¬†

UnMask Your Ego Versions is entirely digitised and offers you complete 24/7 access with a one-time payment. This offer allows you to work alone at your own pace and in your own time. 


Yes, I am definitely worth this investment ‚Üí


We shouldn¬īt waste each other's time nor money, so let's get straight to the point¬†


→ You have a comfortable mindset 

You like things the way they are and do not wish to change anything. 

‚Üí You have a rigid or fixed mindset

You reject everything that goes against what you assume to know.

‚Üí You don't believe you have an ego

But you can already name a few people who have really big ones. 

‚Üí You don't believe you are the problem

You have damn good reasons why everything and everyone else is at fault. 

→ You strive to be a good person by ignoring everything bad

You nurture the illusion of harmony by living in self-denial and ignorance.  


The¬†‚Äúsoul‚ÄĚ culprit &¬†provocateur¬†behind the scenes

Meet the MIND, the VOICE, the WRITER, the CREATOR

The long journey to this very text has been arduous, the experiences have been many, and the challenges have been very real. Learning to embrace all my dark, my light, and my bloody ugly allowed me to step into countless vulnerable states.

Revealing my authentic self through my creative expression, my digital products, my blogs, my poetry, my voice, my videos, and my opinions have been the loneliest, the most intimidating, and at times, the most crippling steps I have ever had to take, but they have also been the most rewarding.

Albeit, the struggle, the tears, the dark f**king holes, and all the bloody hard work led me to you, for which I am truly grateful. I will not sell you my expertise, nor will I guarantee your success, but I will provide you with the opportunity to discover yourself, so that you can live a non-compromising, full life on your terms.


When you always find yourself in the same painful situations and emotions...

...especially when it comes to relationships, it’s time to stop and reflect on yourself.


The online course ‚ÄúUnmask your Ego Versions‚ÄĚ helped me sooo much to get clear and understand what is happening inside of me. Negative emotions were something I always pushed away, I did not want to feel them, nor did I want to go any deeper and learn about why I felt the way I felt. But the WHY is so important, at least for me.

Since I did this course, I understand myself so much better and know why I react like I do in relationships or in just any given situation. I became aware of my many Ego Versions and don’t hide them anymore, which makes everything so much easier in life.

It takes a special person to see past the superficial and get straight to the heart of any issue...

...and Kim is definitely one of those people. Not only is she able to see inside of a person, she has an uncanny ability to get that person to dig deeper and see inside of themselves. Truly a remarkable person- not sure where, or who, I would be without her!