Hot Mess to Invincible

Understanding Negative Emotions

Perhaps you're struggling with your own emotions or the annoying egos of others. Maybe you are tired of hoping that people, your current circumstances, or world events will change, because your happiness still depends on everything and everyone else. Perhaps you find it challenging to detach yourself from experiences that trigger you emotionally and are out of your control.

Hot Mess to Invincible is a FREE 10-step process that will help you recognise your ego re-actions whenever you find yourself in challenging situations with difficult people. Learn how you can feel empowered and not overpowered by what disturbs you. In other words, learn how to get out of your own way.


Bodacious Plan

Make Big Goals Bite-Sized

When you imagine doing something big or you dream of having a specific way of life, then that already exists. All you need to do is take the necessary action-steps to enhance your emotional skills so that your vision, dream, or goal can be physically embodied and experienced. 

Bodacious Plan is a guideline designed to help you create and also reach your big, personal or business goals with small, incremental, yet absolutely doable steps. The 103-page Bodacious Plan is yours for FREE. 

You don't need to wait for New Year's Eve to determine what those big goals are - you can plan a year, a month, a week, or even a day at any time. Make your world a better place. Make a Bodacious Plan!

Discover YOURSELF within all the Adversity

Be B.O.SS.Y. Live

Join the FREE live with 23-year expert student who was taught by the world's best teachers, namely +700 children aged between 4 months and 23 years. Master emotional intelligence by moving towards and not away from disturbing factors and individuals in your day-to-day life.   

You don't need an expensive therapist, nor do you need the perfect strategies other people swear by that never work for you. ONLY YOU have the solutions to any problems you experience.

You are perfectly equipped with all the answers you need, just that no one ever taught you how to find them. Discover yourself within all the adversity you face daily.

Understand your negative emotions and make sense of the daily challenges you face that are an inevitable part of¬†modern-day living. Click the¬†button below to¬†discover Kim.E¬īs practical processes in Be B.O.SS.Y. Live.¬†

Be B.O.SS.Y. Self-Actualisation



e B.O.SS.Y. Self-Actualisation is an affordable opportunity that literally ticks off all the boxes. The combination of two programs includes: UnMask Your Ego Versions drip content with 1 lesson every 2 weeks, which alternates with the Be B.O.SS.Y. content that is presented live in 26 recorded sessions. This means that you receive new content, either digitised or live, every week for a whole year.

The best part is the 12-month subscription model that makes personal transformation affordable for anyone willing to embark on the rather humbling journey of sobering up to the reality of the person they have become in the life they personally created, and embodying the authentic version they innately are.



Emotional Evolution

Discover yourself and your Ego versions in your day-to-day conflicts and emotional meltdowns. Understand and enhance your emotional intelligences by gaining a profound understanding of your negative emotions and re-active patterns. BE empowered by who and what disturbs you.

Unravel your social, emotional, and cultural conditioning. Gain a better understanding of why you are trying to be who you are not. BE(come) who you essentially are by recognising who everyone else prefers you to be. Courageously embody your authentic Self, who is eager to live an uncompromising life on your terms.


A must have attention-grabber

For every uncompromising wardrobe! 

Kim.E, from IsNotSo.com, creates products that represent the unique super-heroine patiently waiting to be embraced and embodied by every woman. 

Time to shatter the societal mould we have been squeezed into. Time to stop surviving a mediocre life we surrendered to that is meant to make everyone else happy, but not ourselves. Time to step into an exhilarating life lived on our terms. Wearing an IsNotSo t-shirt may be your first step in that direction. Bring it on! Or even better - Put it on!

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River to the Sea

Genocide Agenda

Blissful Ignorance

Truth is the culmination of ALL perspectives

Mine is but one!

The zealous pursuit for truth is futile when considering that each person's personal perspective is but a sliver of the collective truth. Without hearing all perspectives, one cannot assume to know what absolute truth really is.

Today however, common truth is the widely acceptable and powerful religion well-known as mainstream media. The constant propagation of its beliefs is somewhat like mental fodder fed to the ignorant collective, who naively consume a skilfully scripted narrative intended to influence their decisions, which serve a minority of greedy, corrupt individuals in whom they blindly trust, and a shareholder economy hell-bent on making profits at all costs.  

Bodacious Blog reveals Kim.E¬īs diverse perspectives that aren't intended to please or indoctrinate the masses.¬†You get the whole shebang from kick-sweet-booty to poetic enrapture, from thought provoking and profound to technically challenging, from resoundingly¬†emotional and transparent to sharp-edged, from scientific, historic and¬†factual to deeply spiritual.



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