Genocide Agenda

controversial political propaganda

The sad reality is that a pretty-damn-good strategy was in place that had millions of people willingly pull up their sleeves to be injected with toxins they never questioned. It is time, don't you think, to become fearless free-thinkers who see through the fabric that veils our vision?

In this day and age, effortless, uncontrolled access to instantaneous information from around the globe is no longer reserved for individuals from a specific race, gender, academic degree, locality, social status, religious position or noble title. Because free-thinking, fearless people are much harder to control and manipulate, the powers at large have initiated information warfare with a controlled narrative and Fact Checks designed to debunk any information in opposition thereof. 

Whether any information is considered to be authentic, fake or a conspiracy largely depends on the belief system and lens of perception the recipient of such information has. MOST people tend to blindly trust mainstream news channels such as newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasting companies. MOST people use such mainstream media as their only reliable source of information. For MOST people, mainstream media provides their only form of daily entertainment. 

The problem with mainstream media is that only one version of any story is ever broadcast. That version leans towards whatever political, economic, or service-to-self agendas the powers at large wish to push. Of course, such agendas also nurture the cashflow of the banking and shareholding world, as well as increase the profits of the Big Five, namely: Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Agra, Big Tech, and Big Media, all while mollycoddling our political leaders´ and lawmakers´ great desire for power and money.

Any videos, posts, or articles on social media platforms that speak against the general narrative are taken down or debunked. Over the past years, I have even had numerous posts removed. Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, now known as X, has also revealed the controlled content censorship in paid collaboration with the CIA and FBI. For such extensive, high-level interception of social media content to take place, there must have been a helluva lot of truth that needed to remain hidden from the general masses that frequent social media.

What are they attempting to keep concealed? Thousands of social media accounts of anyone speaking against the controlled narrative, including renowned doctors and professors, were shut down during a time when people needed to hear another perspective. Why doesn’t that bother MOST people?

This reminds me of my youth in Apartheid South Africa where we would experience numerous states of emergency that were specifically designed by the government to repress the anti-apartheid movements, control the riots and demonstrations, and, of course, manipulate the masses through media censorship and fake news. Thousands of activists were arrested, tortured, or killed. 

It was only after Nelson Mandela´s release from prison and through the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission during the years thereafter, that the Apartheid regime's atrocities finally hit the front page news of local, mainstream media channels. It is also worth mentioning, that even then, the South African government had silent power-players behind the scenes, who were pushing the buttons and pulling the strings, because they wished to maintain complete control of the resources, of the banking system, of the massive corporations that monopolised international trade, and of the puppet leaders doing their bidding.  

With only two exceptions, the Genocide Agenda, (plandemic from 2020), which was rolled out in November 2019, is no different to that of Apartheid South Africa, or any other rogue government that has ever chosen to completely divide and control the citizens of their countries. The first exception is that, in my opinion, the current rogue government is the United Nations, which encompasses all 193 governments and two observer states, Vatican City State and Palestine. 

Our governments are mere puppets to the United Nations. Our political leaders are the financial beneficiaries who also happen to be our national lawmakers. How convenient! Over the span of  almost 80 years, the United Nations has quietly taken over the world with all its agencies, including the WHO, the World Health Organisation, and its numerous partnerships, including the WEF, the World Economic Forum. 

The second exception to other rogue governments is that the latest Genocide Agenda overstepped all national borders to encapsulate the whole world. A global state of emergency was declared, which gave governments permission to bypass existing laws and disregard constitutions or proclaimed democracies. Governments were instantaneously empowered to practice absolute tyranny over their citizens. Our little men with massive egos sure did their jobs well!

The fascinating part is that this was all in lockstep with a pre-planned strategy that spread a controlled narrative in pure synchronicity across the entire globe. Exactly the same narrative was constantly blurted out in various languages over all media channels across the whole world. This has also revealed the perfect example of a well-planned, extensive mind control and cognitive manipulation strategy, which has been used over and over again since the widespread use of radio technology during the first world war. Manipulation of the masses began when the first messages were broadcast across radio waves, because for the first time in history, even the illiterate could be indoctrinated. 

How was a globally synchronised, controlled narrative even possible? All the major, global media and entertainment companies are controlled by massive conglomerates that have monopolised the world, namely: Walt Disney, Comcast, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom, AT&T, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, CBS Corporation. These media giants have many subsidiaries and massive corporations that are part of their conglomerate, and although they do not supervise everything we read or see, they do control the major media outlets through which their message is propagated. They also snuggle up intimately with the bankers and shareholders of the world.

Then of course, the United Nations has another powerful agency many do not know about, namely the International Telecommunication Union, which also has 193 member states. The ITU governs the use of radio waves, broadband Internet, wireless technologies, aeronautical and maritime navigation, radio astronomy, satellite based meteorology, TV broadcasting, amateur radio, and next-generation networks. It assigns satellite orbits and coordinates worldwide technical standards. That pretty much covers everything, don´t you think? Are you still wondering how the global takeover of the media with a controlled narrative was possible?

Why would they go to all the trouble though? Power, money, and complete, global control through monopolised markets, indoctrination, pharmaceuticals, and toxic foodstuffs - unhealthy people are kept addicted and in survival mode. Most importantly, these power-players will have a global slave race that is monitored, controlled, co-dependent, and has no choice but to fall in line because their survival depends on it. It doesn't have to come so far, we just have to learn to question authority and say NO!

The United Nations, all its partners and agencies snuggle up intimately with other billion dollar corporations in the same, extremely lucrative bed. Together, the UN and the WEF are pushing the 2030 Agenda, which is most likely the Great Reset, as proclaimed by Klaus Schwab. In my personal, humble opinion, the One World Government and the Great Reset philosophy has its roots in banking families, like the Medicis, who overruled and controlled royal houses and governments from the 1400s already. 

During the centuries that followed, numerous banking families, in particular the Rothschilds, sprung up across Europe and became extremely powerful. Soon enough, they owned more money than their Sovereign clients, who lived extravagant lifestyles in ostentatious palaces and were often indebted to them. Together, these banking families took over central banks and silently controlled global finances, world trade and foreign regimes. They started wars and revolutions from the inside with well-paid partnerships, and always financed both sides of any conflict, for example, the French Revolution. They toppled governments, assassinated leaders, and monopolised the share market which emerged in full swing with the Dutch East Indian Company in 1604, and the British East India Company thereafter. Today's playbook doesn't look any different. 

Empires were built on the backs of enslaved and indebted economies that were skilfully brought to their knees, so that these superheroes could fly in and save the nation by providing solutions that nurtured their money-making banking machine. They never intended for resource-rich countries, that also provided cheap labour, to ever become financially independent again. Their dirty deeds continue to this day. 

How convenient it is that the powerful existence of such banking families has either been scrubbed from the internet or debunked and replaced with a mythical narrative, a rather easy task when one has fingers in every pot, including that of Big Media. The higher echelons of these banking families are very much alive and well today, and continue to secretly govern world power and money. Whoever controls the money has the power. By the way, not all family members are automatically welcome into this exclusive club.  

This extensive, yet rather small network of silent partners that control the world, have had many willing collaborators who care more about their own wealth and desire for power, and very little about human life. This is the sad reality of our times. We never see the silent partners, and seldom hear about them, yet the fruit of their labour is obvious in every one of the 193 countries. This is all about to change. Hallelujah to that!

Nowadays, no one can assume that the information they have is from a reliable source or that any of it is true, especially whatever is broadcast on mainstream and social media. Nor can anyone assume that the people who claim to be doctors or professionals are fake, real, or just well-paid, and that the information they provide is factual. 

No one is coming to save us. We must do the work ourselves! We must stop trying to find truth in what we hear, and instead, find out everything there is to know from all sources. We must start making our own decisions and say “No!” to the decisions made for us, and say yes to decisions we make ourselves. If we fail to unite and take our power back, whatever we are afraid of losing we will lose anyway, our loved ones, our friends, our lives, our health, our jobs, our finances, our homes, our reputations. We will, once again, have generations of people who live in poverty, destruction, and human suffering, who do their best to rebuild what our so-called leaders have skilfully destroyed. And so the cycle continues, unless we start asking much better questions, demanding answers, and start taking action. 

The Genocide Agendas will not stop until we decide to no longer give our permission. Question what you feed your mind. Research what you feed your body. Change your lifestyle to become slim and fit. Say no to pharmaceuticals because that were never designed to keep you healthy. Connect to your emotional self. Find new friends. Do what you always wanted to without compromise.

Time is an invaluable asset. Thank you so much for sharing yours with me.

Kim.E xx


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This article serves the sole purpose of providing the reader with information without the intention to discriminate against, promote or influence the opinions of others.

Kim.E is an ordinary person with a personal opinion, and has written from her perspective and level of knowledge. She considers herself to be neither a professional nor an amateur in any field. This blog is for information purposes only.

Kim.E is not responsible for the accuracy of the information she has researched. It is the sole responsibility of every reader to pursue and explore their own channels of information to either confirm or reject what they have read.


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