UnMask Your Ego Versions

Discover yourself and your ego versions during your conflicts and emotional meltdowns, so that you can be empowered by what disturbs you and embody your authentic self eager to live an uncompromising life on your terms. 


UnMask Your Ego Versions is completely digitised and on a professional platform with 24/7 access. 


The six modules and 28 lessons are designed to help you grasp many intangible concepts, so that you are able to find purpose and meaning in your emotionally confusing situations and in the personal reality you have created. With guided focus, an easy-to-follow build-up, numerous step-by-step structures, and diverse perspectives, you can begin to help yourself from the inside out.


29 Videos with 11½ hours of video footage and extra audios ensure that visual and auditory learners are also able to absorb the information based on their learning style.


The 28 video scripts are for visual learners who need to read the words to absorb the content.


15 Downloadable Journal Prompts with 109 questions are designed to inspire self-reflection and personal connection.


Hot Mess to Invincible

This is a 10-Step process to help you understand your emotional re-actions and expectations when in interactions with annoying individuals.

Brand It! 

This is a 5-Step process to help you define false character traits, your ego  personality, and personal attributes. 

Relational Reflections 

This is a 13-Step process to help you recognise the dysfunctional relationship skills and emotional skills reflected in all your interactions, especially intimate connections, that were inherited from your social and emotional environment.

Purposeful & Intentional 

This is a 4-Step process to help you find purpose and meaning in your current reality regardless of how challenging that may be. Create your dream life by determining the small, intentional steps to take today. 

Rewrite the Script

This Relationship Playbook with a 3-step process inspires you to re-design the fulfilling relationship you yearn for, so that you can become what you wish for in a relationship.

Financial Revelations 

This is a 5-Step process that helps you reveal your intimate relationship with money, which must be nurtured to attract more money into your reality. This relationship is innately linked to self-worth and self-value.

Soul Nourishment

This is a 9-Step process to help you understand the pattern and the pain behind emotional eating and the unhealthy food habits you nurture that have created the body you don't want, or the physical ailments you have and certainly don't need.


If you are dissatisfied, a refund within a 30-day period is guaranteed. Send proof of work to [email protected]  

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