Be B.O.SS.Y. Self-Actualisation

Be B.O.SS.Y. Self-Actualisation is an affordable combination of UnMask Your Ego Versions drip content (receive regular content over a specified period) and the Be B.O.SS.Y. material, which is presented by Kim.E in live sessions.

For the bold, audacious woman fed up with compromise, subordination, and self-denial, who wishes to triumph over the biggest obstacle standing in her way - HERSELF.


6 Modules digitised with 28 Lessons, 29 Videos, Audios, Scripts, 15 Journal Prompts, 7 Guidelines.

UnMask Your Ego Versions digital content gives you the guided focus, the step-by-step structures, and numerous perspectives to help you help yourself from within. Upon purchase, you receive 4 lessons from Module I. After the 30-day money-back guarantee period, you receive 1 lesson every 2 weeks for 52 weeks.


8 Modules presented by Kim.E in 26 live sessions over a period of 52 weeks. 

Besides UnMask Your Ego Versions content, which you receive twice monthly, you also have live presentations of the Be B.O.SS.Y. content every 2nd week for a period of 52 weeks. This means that you have new content to work through every week for a whole year.


26 Live-session with Be B.O.SS.Y. content presented by Kim.E and hot-seats thereafter.

Over a period of 52 weeks, Kim.E presents the Be B.O.SS.Y. material in 26 live sessions. After the content has been presented, hot-seat sessions are held by Kim.E, whose uncompromising straightforwardness - also known as Kim-Tensity - is intended to kick-your-sweet-booty into positive action - somewhat like holding your hand and gently slapping your wrist at the same time. Be B.O.SS.Y. Live Sessions and Hot-Seats are twice monthly calls that alternate with UnMask Your Ego Versions drip content. 


Private IsNotSo Facebook group allows for community connection and exchange. The IsNotSo Community provides the emotional safe space to be vulnerable with cheerleaders, empathisers, and like-minded individuals, who are also tired of their own ego bullshit and wish to share their thoughts breakthroughs.


The affordable Be B.O.SS.Y. 12-Month Subscription Plan, which entails 12 monthly payments of €33.33, literally wipes any money excuses right off the table, and is minimal in comparison to the pricelessness of becoming an uncompromising individual living a full life on your owns terms.

PLEASE NOTE! - After the 30-day money-back guarantee period, you are obliged to pay ALL twelve monthly payments in full. Cancellation is not possible.


If you are dissatisfied, a refund within a 30-day period is guaranteed. Send proof of work to: [email protected]

€33,33 EUR

12 monthly payments

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