River to the Sea

controversial political propaganda

"Free Palestine from the River to the Sea!" and "Stop the Genocide in Gaza!" are two phrases that seem to have serious consequences in today’s world. These phrases have led to people being arrested, being fired from their employment, defamed and demonetised, and are also the reason for a massive initiative to stop, or at least control, the freedom of speech. That is how far we have come as a humanity. But I proudly say these phases, and I am willing to face the consequences. The problem is why won’t YOU, yes YOU, say them and face the consequences, too. 

What's happening is Gaza is not new to our history of the world. In fact, I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, except that we had no Internet during my childhood and adolescence. The only source of information we had was national, government controlled, mainstream media. Black people were considered to be subhuman monsters who hated Us White People and wanted to wipe us off the face of the earth, whereas Us White People had built up the country and had made it what it was, or so we proclaimed.

How dare they take that all away from us? Us White People were educated and civilised, while Kaffirs, as we liked to call them, were mere savages. Us White People had worked hard to earn the fancy car we drove and the comfortable lifestyle we enjoyed in a large home that had a big, beautiful garden and a swimming pool. Kaffirs hadn’t earned anything. Us White People were kind enough to provide Kaffirs with a tiny room and a toilet at the back of our sprawling homes which they could occupy for as long as they were good enough to remain employed as a house cleaner or gardener. All that was so much more than their shanty townships could ever offer them. Us White People were doing these savages a favour. They were dirty and uneducated, and only good enough to do menial jobs. 

Besides that, black people had committed terrible atrocities against Us White People. The vivid, very brutal images and bold slogans were constantly broadcast via mainstream media and made the front page of every newspaper. Not exactly the positive images or rhetoric children, or anyone for that matter, should be exposed to. But the imagery worked! The hatred for black people grew. Such animals! The majority of Us White People supported our White Psychopathic Leaders, who nurtured our White Skin Fears via mainstream propaganda, while donning a professional, well-educated White Leader image in blue-collared attire and polished shoes. White Leaders constantly vomited up their perfectly tailored speeches that portrayed them as the White heroes who were saving the white asses of the ignorantly blissful White People minority. 

The mistreatment and killing of blacks was justified and used as a lame, yet effective excuse to defend the superiority and entitlement of Us White People, who had brought civilisation, modernisation, education, and religion to the savage African continent. How naive we all were! Our great sense of false superiority was a facade that blended out how inferior, insecure, and unimportant Us White People really were, especially to the non-corporate human beings worldwide, who didn’t give a shit about Us White People, but cared more about the plight of the black South Africans.

How indoctrinated we were to think that we had the right to self-defence of our white skin colour, when we gave black people no right to self-defence of theirs. How unhinged we were to believe that our whiteness gave us the right to dehumanise other human beings. How perplexed, disgusted, and ashamed we were when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission revealed the atrocities our trusted government officials had committed against black people.

We were the monsters, the perpetrators, the terrorists, not them! Us White People had supported our government officials, and were therefore complicit in all their crimes even if we were unaware of most of them. We never questioned nor protested against their actions or their decisions, because deep down, we really enjoyed the white life and the privileges and wealth that came with it. We didn’t want to lose any of it. We were the product of powerful, government propaganda which we expressed with our over-inflated, white egos. Our government officials were the perfectly groomed psychopaths who were, and most still are, the puppets of corrupt mega corporations and institutions who care very little about humanity, and a lot more about exploitation and shareholder profit. 


Dear Israeli People, do you recognise the similarities and the way in which history is repeating itself? The difference between Apartheid then and now is the Internet, and the access we ALL have to factual, authentic, unfiltered information, especially on platforms like TikTok, Al Jazeera, and X. Your government’s atrocities against Palestinians don't go unnoticed, neither do the reports from former IDF soldiers, or from doctors, journalists, civilians, and humanitarian aid workers on the ground, who are survivors of the devastation and thankfully speak of the despicable war crimes they have been exposed to.

Not only have the current events in Gaza come to light, but also the history of Israel and Palestine, the Zionist movement, the Nakba of 1948, and the abhorrent atrocities committed over the last decades. More importantly, the significant role played by our extremely corrupt, so-called "democratic", western governments, especially the USA, has become quite evident, not only in this atrocity, but in all past atrocities and wars around the world, and those that continue to this day in the Congo and Sudan. 

"But Israel has a right to defend itself!", you might proclaim. "Defend itself from what?", I would ask. What is Israel trying so hard to prevent the world from knowing? What is Israel and all its bought and paid for cronies and accomplices that range from politicians, senators, congressmen, bankers, officials, lawyers, judges, billionaires, and corporate CEOs, all the way through to actors, musicians, influencers, TV personalities, bloggers, and journalists trying to hide from public eyes and ears? My answer is: "The Truth!". Truth is extremely powerful and is also responsible for the fall of Apartheid South Africa. If courageous journalists hadn't managed to get the truth out to the world, Apartheid South Africa would have probably lasted much longer. Oh, how I miss honest journalism, which is certainly not found on mainstream media nowadays.    

"What about the hostages?", you may ask. Are the hostages an excuse that Israelis use to justify the killing and starvation of Palestinian men, women, children, and babies, and the total destruction of Gaza? If your government and your military cared so much about Israeli hostages, why did they shoot and kill their own freed hostages waving a white flag? Oops! Sorry, that was a mistake! If they cared so much about the hostages, why hasn’t there been a ceasefire? If the safety of Israeli hostages was such a priority, why are they on a mission of total destruction? Are the Israeli hostages the valid reason your government and military have used to wage this war to ethnically cleanse all of the Gaza Strip, while they boldly claim their innocence and right to defence? The Israeli hostages seem to be nothing more than the sacrificial lamb for a greater State of Israel. Hostages and self-defence are the rebuttal constantly used against Israeli critique, and no longer carry weight for We Woken People. 

Dear Israeli People, you may also be a product of your over-inflated egos and Israeli propaganda, but that can no longer be used as an excuse with the free access you also have to honest journalism that goes beyond fake mainstream media and the pro-Israeli narrative. Besides that, you are but a stone throw away from Gaza. Why don´t you get your sweet booty over there and check out the situation for yourself? That may change your perspective completely, or will you choose to remain the We Israelis who are also complicit in the detestable acts of your military and government leaders through your blind, faithful support and blissful ignorance? 

We Woken People no longer support the Israelis, nor do they support the pro-Israeli narrative and pro-Zionist sentiments being hollered from global pedestals and those in positions of corporate and political power. How can we support any individual, any group, or any state that vilifies anyone who criticises the genocide of innocent individuals? How can we respect anyone, regardless of their religion or their nationality, who openly spews such hatred for a group of people, and not only wishes for, but also carries out their extermination, and then insults anyone else who dares criticise such actions? Dear Israeli People, dear Jewish People, dear Israeli lobbyists, and dear Zionists, if the masses have turned against you, it is not because they are Jew-haters or antisemitic, but because you have revealed your true colours, your obvious hate for all gentiles, your racism, and your hypocrisy. It is not our hate that is questionable, but yours.

We Woken People support the freedom of all Palestinians. We support a State of Palestine where Jews can live alongside Palestinians as they once did. What has happened since October the 7th has shown us how inhumane and corrupt the Israeli government really is. BUT even more shocking is how inhumane, corrupt, and bloody useless our world leaders and world organisations actually are. The United Nations and all its bodies do not have the power to change anything, it seems, and our world leaders love to show the one thing they are damn good at: All Talk and No Action. 

We Woken People have a heart that beats for humanity and for the future of ALL humanity, including Palestinians. Fighting for the right of Palestinians is only the beginning. The truth of all the atrocities committed by western countries around the world today and in the past will be revealed. As the web of lies, corruption, exploitation, and more importantly, the genocides, murders, incarcerations, sexual abuse, and torture of innocent human beings is revealed to the masses, the masses will demand justice. There will be no safe place to hide for those who intentionally committed such crimes, regardless of how royal, corporate, military, financial, political, professional, or religious their white asses are, or how secret their society or agency is. The legacy of such people, especially those we herald as great leaders, presidents, politicians, scientists, philanthropists, explorers, past and present will be blemished forever. I look forward to that time!

What I wish to end with is: Free Palestine from the river to the sea. No, I am not a Jew-hater nor am I antisemitic, I am pro-human. 

Time is an invaluable asset. Thank you so much for sharing yours with me.

Kim.E xx


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River to the Sea

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